Round-the-corner Door 00
Round-the-corner Door 00
Serial NO: DEKCZM-0200
Brand Name: DEK
Opening Speed: 8--16 m/min
Temperature: -35℃---65℃
Place Of Origin: CHINA


Consist of door body, top track, bottom track, sealing system, automatic system, safety system, driving system and transmission; divided into two types: hoisting and lower bearing; two running style: multi panels for one way push-pull and multi panels for two way push-pull.



1. Steel structure as the framework, general selection is Q235.

2. Customer can choose color plate, aluminum plate, corrosion resistant plate, aluminum composite plate or PU plate for outside decoration; or select day lighting form.

3. Bottom track use light rail or section steel;

4. Top track is steel frame composite structure;

5. Electrical component can choose reliable brands;



1. Round-the-corner door slides along the side wall, whose running track is great than or equal to 90-degree angle;

2. Install the driving system, automatic system and transmission at the same time, which shorten the installation period;

3. The door can be transmitted by rack and gear or steel rope;

4. Door leaf is equally distributed and beautiful, and can install pedestrian door;

5. All-rounded sealing, well sealed, heat insulation, noise reduction;

6. The door use conductor line for central power supply; door operator can be installed on top or at the bottom or both;

7. High safety parameter; stop block system; infrared system (optional);


Technical Specifications

1. Opening speed: 8--16  m/min

2. Maximum size: width is unlimited; height≤16m

3. Operating voltage: 380V/50Hz

4. Operating temperature: -35℃---65℃

5. Wind-resisting capacity: according to local climate and customer’s requirement;

6. Electric motor and reduction box: domestic or imported

7. Control system: SIEMENS PLC or other brand;

8. The door can properly function under 24m/s wind speed

9. Electric cabinet protection grade reaches IP55

10. Sound insulation: >40dB

11. Heat transfer coefficient: <2w/m2.k



Widely used for medium-size hangar, sporting field, industrial plant, logistic warehouse and so on;

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